Monday, April 30

Chicago, my kind of town!

Today I am going to start posting a series of photographs from my last trip to the Windy city. While this won't be incredibly meaningful to this blog necessarily, it shares meaningful parts of my life, perhaps illustrating parts of me that I haven't shared with many people. Just a little glimpse into what makes me tick. I hope you enjoy and can perhaps relate to some and share stories and photos meaningful in your lives too.

The first picture I am going to post is from beneath a new sculpture to the city called Cloud Gate or as many of the passerby's call it, the Lima Bean. It is a 33 foot tall polished stainless steel structure with a 12 foot passage beneath it. Cloud Gate is British artist Anish Kapoor's first outdoor work. He wanted to create something that would allow the public to interact with their skyline and see the clouds rolling by the substantial buildings. I have captured a whole other side of it in this photograph, hoping to see the interaction one has with others in this beautiful city while still seemingly living one's own life seperate from others. I love Chicago and hopefully sometime, someday, I will actually be living there again. Keep checking back for another one of my favorites, the Water Tower Gallery. It was just two blocks outside my hotel room and I have a fun, 4:30 AM shot just as the city was starting to come back to life. Until then, Ciao!

Just for fun, I am going to post another, outside view of the sculpture to show you it's immense beauty.

Monday, April 9

Birthday Party!


In a bulb, there is a flower,
In a seed, an apple tree.
In cocoons a hidden promise
butterflies will soon be free.
In the cold and dead of winter
there's a spring that waits to be,
unrevealed until it's season.
Something God alone can see!


Monday, April 2

Adler Truman Foundation for Life

As life goes one, one starts wondering what we can do in this world to make a difference. I have started my 6th round of chemo, I turn 24 this week, and work seems to still be around.

I have done a lot of thinking and that is always dangerous although this time I think it will bring about good. I am officially taking steps, with other people involved, in starting the Adler Truman Foundation for Life. With an official goal launch of late June, I hope I can get help from those out there around me that are good at sales, organization, paperwork, graphic design, web design, and other managment. If you have the slightest inclination to start this up with me, make it known. Don't be shy. I bring out the best in peoples' abilities. I love working with a group that loves what they are doing.

You may be asking what the premisis of this group is... The foundation will be set up to help an often lost group of cancer patients in their late teens to early 30s. This isn't going to be a foundation set up to pay bills and other stuff at this point but, it will be providing grants to people to help them live. Have a party celebrating their life, buy a flower arrangement, have a nice dinner. We are setting up social groups that people can join for free as a therapeutic setting to socialize with other young people in their shoes.

I really need your help. Come forward, let me know if there is anything you can help with, even if you think it's silly. Email me at

Please, I plead your help!