Tuesday, June 12

Taking Back Ground

by Jaylen Braiden

Taking back what is mine
my soul
my passion
my mind.
Now is to manage the damage,
sweeping aside the wreckage of the past.
Now is to boldly laugh Ha Ha!
Possessing myself at last.
Locusts have devoured
the foliage of my youth.
Now it is spring time
behold the new shoots.
Taking back what is mine
my soul
my passion
my mind.
Redeeming the time
I thought was lost.
Re-possessing myself
what ever the cost.


Blogger Jaylen said...

Wow- I wrote this! What a surprise to see it here. Let me introduce my self- I am Jaylen Braiden. I was hanging out with a friend tonight and he googled my name to see what would come up (I was recently interviewed by two different people at the Ex-Gay Survivors Congerence in Irving Ca. and he wanted to see if they were posted on Youtube yet. There are several good interviews from the conference there. Search for "exgaysurvivordan" and watch some of them.) This was 1 of - like three things that came up on my friends google search. I am honored that you chose to post this. If you would like to chat send me an email- I've been on the jurney of reconciling my faith and sexuality for 8 years now.
God Bless


12:33 AM  

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