Wednesday, May 9

CaringBridge Update

Good Wednesday Morning!

Just laying here in bed still, catching up on the days news online and thought I'd stop in for an update. While there isn't a whole lot different, it seems that this morning I am feeling better than I have for the past few. This time, the nausea and other nasty GI stuff waited until all the chemo was over to rear themselves. I got sick on Sunday night and have been trying to keep hydrated and nourished since then. I tried to put in a couple days at work but let's just say I made it through one and a half. I hope to make it back in today!

This morning I get to go in for another therapy session to deal with all my head has come to understand as my prognosis. I am not ready to give up as most of you know, and I will not give in lightly. While progress has been slow, I think we can all agree that it most certainly has been much better than any of us could have imagined or hoped for. To think that 7 mos. ago tomorrow, I went into the hospital to get the news, and to look at the quality of life that I am experiencing still today is amazing. I appreciate all your love and support. Drop me a line. I check for postings multiple times a day. Love you all and look forward to seeing you all soon...



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