Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you to everyone who has been a tremendous support through this whole thing. I have one round of chemo down now, another scheduled for the week of December 11th. I had a rough few days as far as nausea but it seems like we may have that under control now! I hope everyone has a very peaceful and blessed holiday season!

By the way, if you plan to shop on Black Friday, show your financial support to my ultimate favorite retailer, Tar-jay Boutique. Those that know me best know that they have been a tremendous part of my support system through this and my daily pilgrimages there will continue well into the future! ;-)

Thanks agan and I love you all!
God Bless!

Thursday, November 9

The latest...

As of my appointment at the University today, operating on the tumor is not an option and chemo will be starting next week.

Life is indeed bittersweet when one is reminded of mortality, especially when days are numbered so short. We never know when God is going to bring us home but I have to say, "Dear Lord, I am ready whenever you are." Life isn't easy and perhaps it is selfish to think that I might make it home, away from the struggles of this life, any sooner than anyone else reading this. If it happens, it will be a welcome invitation.

God bless everyone!