Friday, May 18


Moments in one's life can definitely bring on anguish. I found this poem and I could totally relate to it. I was not at a good place in my life when I was 16 and my parents sent me to Finland for a change of scenery and pace. I really came into my own there and life made more sense. I accepted what God had created in me. Please, if you know anyone that is struggling, reach out to them and love them.

A young mans shadow darkens
As he walks into the night.
A moonlit path before him
He thinks about his life.
His parents cry and wonder
His friends just turn away.
Was life really worth living
Could he go on this way?
In search of a distant answer
He wiped away the tears.
He took the gun into his hand
No longer would he fear.
What could have been his crime
For which he paid so dear?
He was just a man, who loved a man
who hated the word, Queer!


Blogger daisy said...

You've traveled a long road already for someone so young. It's interesting how putting the words down can allow you to examine your own situation from a bit of a distance. It also gives us a small window through which we can see into your heart.

Although it sounds like your heart has been broken, I also hear peace about who you are. I like your words: "I accepted what God had created in me." There are so many who would say otherwise. Stay strong, Markus.

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