Monday, March 19

Hello from the Windy City!

Good afternoon everyone! Just checking in because it has been way too long. I was in Chicago for a few days and feel oh, so much better. Do I ever love that city!? Someone left their heart in San Fran, mine is still in Chicago. I did a lot of the typical to-do, visited stores, museums, old friends, and made a few new ones... Mia Fran and Giordano to be exact. Mmm, the food was so good. I am thinking I want a big crew of people to join me there in May or June; gets me past a couple more treatments and hopefully in generally better health. Thanks for the emails and postings. I knew there were a few more of you out there! It is nice to hear your different experiences. Keep them coming!

Love Markus!


Blogger daisyaday said...


Glad to hear from you! I'm glad you were up to some travel--and to Chicago--lucky duck! We're considering going there this summer sometime. There's so much to see.

Any recommendations for "must-taste" places to eat? Other than the required Chicago dogs?

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Blogger Sondra said...

Hello my name is Sondra and I am from the OALC - as in I do not go there unless with my husband - I have read thru some of ur blogs and comments - i wanted to show my support and offer my love and prayers - you are a very strong young man with a compassion for others beyond compare - i know that u were looking for support and love here and seems to me u have more to give than has been offered by some - anyhow since it didnt seem to be anywhere i read ( i did skip some) i wanted to ask if you have ever believed that besides this being a trial for u that its also a blessing in that it sure seems to have brought you close to ur faith and God - i once saw on pbs a study of a hetrosexual vs. homosexual brain - and that there is a distinct difference - some of us our born with asthma or heart disease others maybe down syndrome or conjoined - we have depression disorders and ADD - so is it really that hard for some to realize we are not perfect when we are born and we certainly will not die perfect - this is not from God but being your Father he will always be there for you as He is for all His children who seek him - shame has no place in our lives - shame is only mans way of punishing themselves- Jesus paid that punishment for us - then He gave us grace, love , forgiveness, hope - lets hope for love in our hearts to forgive one another that we may recieve grace from our Father - i live in the twin cities area - so if ever u have a need let me know - this blog thing is neat - i have never done this - its so wonderful to talk to people for support that u would never have know otherwise - may God Bless and Keep You Sondra

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