Thursday, May 17

The Wet Paper Bag

I tried in vain
Fighting my way out
Of the wet paper bag
I pushed
And prodded
I snooped
For the answer
For Truth
But the solution evaded me
When something is not Right
Why do we hesitate to look to the Left
Lasts so, so long
It should be simple
Accepting misjudgment
My way out
Of a wet paper bag
I am reasonable
But there is no reason
In this
No sense
So perhaps
Is non-sense
When it comes
To wet paper bags
It is what it is
A lie
And the simplest solution
Is not always so simple
But it is what must be.
It is what it is
A paper bag
Over my head.

- A.P. Jr. 2007


Blogger TruthSeeker said...

I could have written that. Except I'm not that good with poetry. I mean the words could be from me.

We try to explain the truth with many other things to make it look like something else that we can live with. But in the end, the truth is the truth. And sometimes iit is just a wet paper bag.

Keep writing. Your writing is helping me.

10:16 PM  

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