Wednesday, October 18

What Cancer Cannot Do...

Cancer is so limited---
It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot suppress memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot steal eternal life
It cannot conquer the spirit. -Unknown


Blogger free2bme said...

Markus, I read this poem today and thought of you. Peace.

8:28 PM  
Blogger a laestadian said...

Hey Markus,
So sorry to hear about your cancer. Hope you can find strength to battle through this difficult time.

10:30 AM  
Blogger exoalc said...

I am praying God holds you close and gives you strength through your journey.
I also pray that you have people around you to lift you up.

10:46 AM  

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