Tuesday, October 31

Thank you to everyone!

I have to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has called, written, prayed, and otherwise remembered my family and I through this time. I am sorry to anyone who has called me, as I have not returned a single phone call. It is a bit much to deal with right now and I am relying on my family to get information out to those I know and love. As of right now, here is what I know. I have an uncommon form of neuroendocrine carcinoma with a 16cm tumor in my pancreas and a lot of smaller spots on my liver. Being an uncommon form, the treatment plan and discussion on where to go from here has varied and changed a lot but I have doctors at Methodist Hospital, the University of Minnesota, and the Mayo Clinic looking at this and together deciding on a plan of attack. I am going into a specialized CAT scan on Thursday to map out the blood vessels around the large tumor to see if they even have a chance of removing any part of it before we start chemotherapy.

Some people had requested my address so they could send cards and that is just fine. Email me at markus@kotidesign.com and I will give you my mailing address.

I will try to keep everyone updated here. If you are wanting email updates, just drop me an email at markus@kotidesign.com and I will add you to the list of people my friend Mark is updating as we get information.

Again, I sincerely want to thank everyone for their love and prayers.

Love always and God's Blessings!



Blogger KERANEN said...

Markus~ You are in my thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time in your life. I am remembering you and your whole family. May God sustain and uplift each and every one of you. Good luck with your treatment and May God guide your each and every step through this maze of cancer, treatment, hospitals, doctor visits, tests, and the like! I will add myself to your list of people wanting updates on how you're doing. Take care and be strong. God's Blessings to you, Katharine K.

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